Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Automotive News Why Your Car Insurance is so expensive?

If people can spend a lot of money on buying the clothes, home, and foodstuffs then they should also give importance to their lives after having car insurance. Their act will save them from the big problems. Different car insurance companies offer discounts to them on the basis of good record of driving.

The companies first check the ability of the drivers and after the judgment they issue the insurance cards with the appropriate policy which they have to follow. Such non serious persons drive just to show off their latest cars to the friends or family members. Non serious drivers have to pay the price in the form of their lives or car accident. As researches show that the teenagers have more accidents as compare to the older and experienced drivers. Too loud music also interrupts them and distracts them from the driving rules. So it is understood that insurance companies will charge them more to insure their cars. Car insurance companies first set the scale of risks and if find any one weak on this scale then take more money. Usually teenagers are at the top of the list this weaker scale. Such young people usually drink and then drive which is totally against the rules and regulations of the insurance companies as well as the legal framework.

That is why insurance companies take a lot of money from them for the car insurance. Such new drivers are also very reluctant to pay the money for the basic things related to car like the registration of car and the insurance of car. Mostly young generation drive the car in a very bad way and are unaware of the consequences of this act. It has written in the rules of the car insurance company to give benefits and some relaxations to the experienced drivers, because these drivers have good driving record. Those persons who have less driving experience will have to pay more to have this car insurance. Car insurance is expensive because the drivers are less knowledge behind the steering wheel. Such drivers can have accidents without clean background related to the driving. The other reasons of the expensive insured car are the less responsible drivers. Some new drivers like to drive with freedom and want to take the risks of an accident. One of the most common reasons of the expensive car insurance is the non serious behavior of the drivers. Usually car insurance is more expensive for the women as compare to the skilled men in driving. If people want to insure their car at a very low rate then they should take some training programmer and courses before applying for car insurance.

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